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THIS IS A G.E POST (see definition below)

Job Description

You are

  • Flexible, agile
  • Available
  • Conscientious
  • Creative
  • Passionate

You will

  • Apply and monitor the application of Club Med standards and norms to the services provided by its business and take corrective action to ensure compliance with Standards.
  • Organize the production within the framework of the defined menu plans
  • Determine, receive and control the economat outputs
  • Develop and supervise preparations with your team.
  • Ensure optimal use of the production equipment made available.
  • Assist the kitchen manager in expressing supply needs.
  • Ensure the distribution of “kitchen show” to buffets as determined by the kitchen manager.
  • Ensure that buffets are well maintained
  • Personalize service and customer relationship.
  • Accompany and train the butcher helper(s)
  • Apply and control the HACCP method and health and safety rules and have them applied in his activity
  • Provide an opinion on the quality of the goods delivered
  • Respect and control the application of the rules of physical hygiene and clothing of your team
  • Ensure the maintenance and preservation of premises and equipment

In becoming a G.E Butcher Assistant, you will benefit from the infrastructures and activities offered by Club Med. And if you get the urge, you can even step on stage to show your talent!

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags!

Type of Employment – Permanent/Full Time or Temporary Contract


Meals included without lump sum contribution

Job Requirements

  • Language – English required, French appreciated
  • Certificate in Food Production and Culinary Art
  • Experience of 1 to 2 years desired in the function in a 4 to 5* hotel

How to Apply

Interested candidates should Sign-up or login to apply now or please go to

In order to increase your chances of a successful selection, kindly ensure that your application is complete and that all relevant information such as your qualifications have been provided with your application.   Otherwise, the Employer reserves the right not to consider your application for selection.


What is a village?

The village is a unique place, located in splendid sites which, beside accommodation and catering, offer various attractions: entertainment, well-being, sport… To provide all these services, in all seasons, each village is organised so that everyone can express their talent within a well-defined and secured framework.

Around a village manager, a team of department managers consists of a financial manager, an HR manager, a technical manager, a hospitality manager and a leisure manager. All of these 5 functions are called the G.5.

The existence of these positions varies according to the size of the village and services provided. In certain villages, if hospitality and/or leisure manager positions do not exist, service managers report directly to the village manager.

What is the role of the village manager?

He/she is the boss at the village, a unique character. A real orchestrator, he/she is responsible for the life and atmosphere of the village. His/her experience, organisational and communication qualities make him/her a manager and charismatic leader who, at any moment, can inject additional soul: the festive spirit.

What is the role of a department manager?

Department managers are required to manage a team of G.Os and/or G.Es (the team can vary from 2 to 100 people) in a specific field and to optimise the organisation of their department. With the village manager, they weigh up and evaluate the skills of activity managers and of G.Os and G.Es.

What is the role of an activity manager?

Some department managers have a team of activity managers when their area groups together several specialist fields.
For example the sports manager can be backed up by a golf manager, sailing manager, etc. Their role is to manage their activity autonomously and efficiently..

What is a G.O?

The G.O or Gentil Organisateur is the Club Med employee. This name is a Club Med invention. It is unique. The G.O is the ambassador of the Club Med spirit and upholds the company’s 5 values: kindness, freedom, responsibility, pioneer, multiculturalism.

What is a G.E?

The G.E. or Gentil Employé is also a Club Med employee native to the country where the village is located. He or she is sedentary and has a different status from the G.O. G.Os and G.Es form the same team to work towards the same goal: satisfying the G.M. They do different but complementary professions.

What is a G.M?

The G.M or Gentil Membre is the customer of Club Med. G.Ms can be of all ages, single, in a couple or family. They come from all over the world looking for a little happiness in our magical villages where G.Os and G.Es work for them, without being their servants.

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