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Established in 2015, the Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT) is a conservation trust fund that envisions for Seychelles’ oceans and islands to be stewarded by the people of Seychelles, generating sustainable benefits for future generations to share.

ince its inception the organisation has provided financial support to 39 projects through the Blue Grants Fund (BGF) implemented by a variety of stakeholders on a range of topics. The objective of this consultancy is to evaluate the impact of these projects, and the sustainability of the results generated.


This impact evaluation will assess all projects delivered with SeyCCAT support in the period 2015- 2020 and will focus on answering the following 2 evaluation questions and sub-questions:

Evaluation question 1: What has been the impact of SeyCCAT projects on the Seychelles islands, oceans, and people in the period 2015-2020?

  • What tangible results have been achieved by SeyCCAT projects in the period 2015-2020, and what evidence exists of these results?
  • What are the most significant changes attributable to SeyCCAT projects in the period 2015- 2020?
  • To what extent have the approaches used by projects met the needs of different beneficiary groups (men/women/youth) and different stakeholders?
  • What have been the unintended, positive and negative, results of SeyCCAT projects?
  • How have partnerships been leveraged to support and add value to the achievement of project goals?
  • Assess the relative merits of small or large grants in respect of impact achievement and

Evaluation question 2: How sustainable are the results and impact of SeyCCAT projects after the organisation’s support comes to an end?

  • What, if any, aspects of projects have continued after SeyCCAT financial support has finished?
  • What features of SeyCCAT projects are replicable, or have been replicated, elsewhere?
  • How effective are the exit strategies, and approaches used to phase out assistance provided by the project in promoting sustainability of results?
  • What key factors will require attention to improve prospects for sustainability of SeyCCAT project results and the potential for replication approaches used?
  • To what extent have SeyCCAT projects contributed to development of the organisational and implementation capacities of grantees?


Based on the size of SeyCCAT’s project portfolio since 2015, and the resources available to conduct this evaluation, a mix methods approach is expected to be used in order to provide an understanding of the impact across the entire portfolio and provide in-depth information on the impact of a sample of projects. The following methods will be used:

  • Desk review: all project documents for projects approved in the period 2015 – 2020 including concept notes, project proposals, 6-month reports and annual reports, along with evidence and data submitted by
  • Interviews, emails communication or surveys with SeyCCAT staff, project leads, and
  • Meta-evaluation of all SeyCCAT project reports and annual reviews produced covering this
  • Case studies: in consultation with SeyCCAT the consultant will identify 3-5 projects for in- depth case studies that aim to build a picture of the changes/impact of the project that is composed of different viewpoints and evidence Case study work will employ a variety of methods including document and evidence review, key informant interviews and surveys with project teams, stakeholders and beneficiaries to understand the intended and unintended changes created by projects, identify key results/most significant changes, and explore the sustainability of results.


  • A concise impact assessment report, including a summary the findings and conclusions of the evaluation, actionable recommendations to strengthen the impact and sustainability of SeyCCAT projects, and informing any tweaks to the MEL framework documents
  • Powerpoint presentation of the report to SeyCCAT staff and stakeholders.


Submit your proposal for this short-term consultancy by the 16th April 2021 at 17:00 (Seychelles time) to


In order to increase your chances of a successful selection, kindly ensure that your application is complete and that all relevant information such as your qualifications have been provided with your application.  Otherwise, the Employer reserves the right not to consider your application for selection.

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